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Conversation with Author Ton'e Brown on her Novel, Rough Patch~Twisted Fate

Title: Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate
Author: Ton'e Brown
Available: Hardcover, Paperback, Nook
Publisher: Hayden Publishing 
Genre Classification: Adult Fiction/Reality Inspiration
470 Page



It's a captivating story that takes her readers on a whirlwind journey of Rough Patches that leads to a twisted fate that  leaves you breathless and desiring the next chapter for each characters lives.

It's a vivid and compelling story about a young girl’s battle to face her own life challenges. It’s the betrayal of her parents and her personal journey, and strength to stand strong for strangers who change the path of her life with each encounter. 

Author Ton'e Brown tells a story about this strong male character named Dell; he is a man that finds himself showing a vulnerability often hidden by men. A man that lives a well ordered life that gets interrupted by mysterious events that leads up to a betrayal of his identity stolen and life style ripped a part by a close friendship.

Frances and Dell lives become changed by the affect of each incidental that intertwines their unexpected fates. She perfectively takes you on a life reality journey and a whirlwind of events that keeps you turning the pages. I give it two thumbs up and a five star rating because it gives truth, it entangles you as the story unfolds and it engulfs you to take a spiritual journey that's undemanding no matter your level of faith.

This story was inspirational, enlightening and it gives you truth about what challenges people really face in the real world. It took you through the hardship of what really happens after your identity is stolen or if you fall victim to fraud. It gives you insight into the heart of individual’s emotional feelings when it comes to keeping faith when you’re going through a terrible ordeal. Faith is something we all strive for but when you are hit with one traumatic incident after another it can rattle any person's feathers. It's not just for the spiritual strong, it’s for the weak at heart and Ton'e shows that faith can be acquired at any level. She also showed a different perspective of connecting to God when you not a church going member. Sometimes, you just have to get down on your knees right where you are to talk with the God you believe in and I really related to that.

I would say it made me mindful to stay on top of my finances and the people I allow in my circle of friends. Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate will either be an eye opener for you or cause you to face the kind of person you are inside. We are reminded it takes our connection to people that makes us feel alive and it takes self-confidence that gives you, your self-worth.

Quote: "Live life on purpose, not by default. Living on purpose is what's possible and living by default is thinking there is no possibility."

Now to our personal talk of getting to know the Author Ton'e Brown.

Share with us something personal about Author Ton'e Brown?

Daughter of James and Katherine Brown-Grundy, Siblings: Two older brothers James and Leland, younger sister Carolyn Hatchett. Raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia 1995. 

What is something that is a favorite got to have for you?

Anything Caramel. I love caramel coffee with creme, caramel ice creme and caramel candy with the icing in the center. It's a craven I have to fight. (Big laugh)

What's a typical working day like for you when you write and how do you set up you're writing space?

Typical day is at night between the hours of 1:00 am and 7:00 am in the morning. My writing space is my office where I have the book idea cover on the wall with faces of the characters I imagine. I list their personality, what I feel about them and what roll I think at the time I want them to play, which changes as I write them out. No character ends up the way they originally started.

Do you set a daily writing goal?

Not really, every day is different so it’s hard to say it will be the same each day. Some days I start out full of writing ideas and others I have no thought what so ever. Sometimes in my sleep I wake up making note for a character and other times I will be driving down the road and have to pull over to write down an action I felt for a character. When that happens I know it will be an all nighters for me and I love when that happens. The juices flow and before I know it I have written 40 pages or 100. 

Do you get writers block?

I don't think so. I don't consider it as writers block. I think my brain gets tired and when I allow my body to get the proper rest and rejuvenated I'm at it again. I write better when I am free from negative emotions or unnecessary activities that pull at me and I make sure I keep the right energy flow around me. 

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

When I have a thought for a character and I forget to write it down and it never comes back to me. That frustrates me and it’s hard to let go of the thought of wishing I can remember that thought. Right now I can laugh about it but when I am trying to develop the character or the story-line, it's not funny. Smile!

What is the best thing about being an author?

I have to say all of it. I love the entire process from the beginning to end. My mouth waters at the idea of a story that comes to me. I get excited when my book cover designer comes up with the idea of the image for the cover. I love working the endless hours formatting and putting the book together for print for publishing. I get the biggest kick when the final book comes in the mail and I hold it in my hand and the first thought that comes to me is, "Did I do that" in her "Urkle" voice. Than I have to say, when a reader tells you that they loved your book. The words of a reader saying I loved and enjoy the story or it blessed my heart reading your book. It completes the joy of the journey of being an author.

We always have to ask this question, what are you working on now? What's next on you're writing agenda?

I started my first book series, it's called "JOURNEY" it's a series directed for men and the male perspective. I have been asked so many times why men don't have a men flick and I laughed, but then I had to take it serious and ask my self that same question. Now, I am researching and having discussions with men about what they want to read and writing my first men flick novel. It's an interesting Journey and that's why I called it the Journey Series. My first book of the series is "A Father's Love, Unapologetic" and the title a lone gets men talking and telling their amazing stories. It has me excited.

Our last question:

Who would you like to direct Rough Patch~Twisted Fate movie?

Boy, if you asked me while I was writing I would have given a name but now I have to say the director that would give serious attention to producing a quality film my readers can enjoy. Also, someone who would be Ok with me participating in the visual selection of the main characters. 

Thank you Author Ton'e Brown for taking the time to talk with our Blogs on books club. 

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